Weblob1:What Do I Believe?


Part I:

1. I believe , God have power over the earth.

2. I believe all mankind are created from one maker who is God.

3. I believe people should not judge each other.

4. I believe knowledge is power.

5. I believe children are the produce of their parents.

6. I believe Love only comes around ones in a lifetime.

7. I believe there is goodness in everyone.

8. I believe that men are not treated equal.

9. I believe life is too short to hang on to hate.

10. I believe you should not judge a book by it cover.

11.I believe people prejudge  people by the color of their skin.

Part II: I believe  people prejudge people by the color of their  skin.

I believe men of different race are treated unequal from men of a different race. For , example  my son ,who has been the best son in the world too me and my husband. This child has completed everything we have as of him  from finishing high school with honors, too finishing  Air Force School with high scores. One day he was house sitting for one of his command officers for about 6 months. A fellow member of the community report to his command officer, that he was having crazy parties, sex parties, and lots of different women at his command officer house while he was house sitting. He was investigated  and found  not guilty of any wrong doing. But,  just because he was a different color and face  from the other people in that community . Someone would go and tell a lie which could have gotten him in a lot of trouble. So people need treat everyone the same. WE ALL SHOULD BE TREATED EQUAL. THIS  IS AMERICA THE LAND OF THE FREE!!!

1. What evidence support my belive?

By seeing the way people treat other people from different races thought life.

2.What I have seen to support my beliefs?

When crimes are committed by some races the punishment is different.

3. What effect has played a role in my life?

I have learned people are going to be who they are, some will treat you as the same as if they judging there family member, and how they will want to be treated. So I will not judge people unless I have true facts, not by there races

4.How will this belief help me in the future?  

I know that people will con’t to judge people of different races, and not to let this incident  change  my believe,  that we are all created equal.

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